Project A: Valorant Zine

A charity fanzine centered around Valorant, the FPS game developed by Riot Games.



Hi there, I'm Feyra! I've been doing zines as a writer and a mod for about 2 years now. I've been playing League of Legends for 6 years, and recently fell in love with Valorant's world(even though I'm pretty bad at the game)! I am so excited to work on this zine, and hope you guys are excited to see it!

(Co-Host, Finance, Production, Beta)

Some Modding Experience:
Enduring Tides Zine
Ozai's Angels Zine

(Co-Host, Social Media, Graphic Design)

Some Modding Experience:
Oversound Zine
Monastery Records Zine

Heyo, I'm Arcee! I like sleeping and drawing sometimes, and can be bribed to do almost anything with a slice of strawberry shortcake or a 20 piece set of McNuggets. I've been in the zine community for about 2 years now, and am looking forward to meeting you all!

Hullo, I’m Liz! Boba addict by day, gamer w/ boba by night. I’ve done layouts for 6 zines and head modded 2 projects, I also stream on twitch! I’m awful at playing valorant but I still have a blast and hope I can have just as much fun on this zine!


Some Modding Experience:
Enduring Tides Zine
Everlasting Zine


Interest Check: 10/15/20-11/15/20
Interest Check Questions: 11/22/20
Mod Applications: 11/23/20-12/7/20
Mod App Result Emails: 12/10/20
Contributor Applications: 12/24/20-01/21/21
Contributor App Result Emails: 01/29/21
Concept Check In: 02/22/21
1st Check In: 03/15/21
2nd Check In: 04/23/21
Final Submissions: 05/31/21
Preorders: July 25th-August 25th
Shipping Out: September/October 2021

Schedule is tentative and may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.